Pioneer® Seeds Australia is the country’s foremost commercial supplier for canola, corn, grain sorghum and summer forage hybrid seed.

Pioneer® brand seed is grown and processed to world-class, quality assured standards at facilities like our Seed Production Operations in Narromine NSW.

With dedicated and highly skilled team members located right throughout Australia you can be sure of accessing the best local knowledge to help you maximize your investment in Pioneer® brand hybrid seed. Book an on farm meeting with your local Pioneer rep today by requesting a FarmCheck™

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Pioneer brand seed is backed by local experience.


Why are Pioneer® brand products’ canola seed varieties the hybrids of choice among farmers in canola growing regions across Australia? This is because our canola hybrids are tested in local conditions to ensure they are the right crop for your region, farming system and growing environment based on traits such as Maturity, Grain Oil Content, Plant Vigour, Crop Standability, Shatter Tolerance and Blackleg Rating. View our full range of canola hybrids to make informed decisions about the canola seed you buy.

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Pioneer® Seeds Australia are corn seed suppliers with a range of corn hybrids to suit your region, cropping environment and production goals. To select the right corn for grain hybrid from our range of proven, profitable hybrids, use our hybrid selection tool and compare grain corn hybrid traits such as Comparative Relative Maturity (CRM), Grain Yield for Maturity, Dryland Adaptability, Plant Height, Staygreen, Husk Cover and Disease Resistance.

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Pioneer® Seeds Australia develops and supplies a range of corn for silage hybrids for corn growers across Australia, including our latest corn silage hybrids, P1315-IT and P9911. P1315-IT is a high yielding mid-season multi-use hybrid, primarily suited to the processing market for human consumption. P9911 is a tough, short season dual-purpose hybrid widely adaptable across dryland, irrigated farming systems and multiple environments.

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The main summer crop grown in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, grain sorghum produces grain with high starch content and offers a range of benefits, including shorter growing season and ability to be grown on marginal soils. Further benefits to growing grain sorghum for feedstock, biofuel or Baiju production include suitability for dry conditions and areas with uneven rainfall distribution. Our sorghum hybrids include Pioneer® brand G33, A66 and A75.

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Pioneer® Seeds Australia distributes a range of forage sorghum hybrids developed with leading genetics, including Pioneer® brand Betta Graze, Mega Sweet, Graze-N-Sile and our high-performance Sudan x Sweet Sudan hybrid, Super Sweet Sudan (SSS). Offering wide area adaptation and swift growth and regrowth, Super Sweet Sudan is quick to graze, sustains multiple and intensive grazings, and produces high-quality hay and round bale silage. This tough forage sorghum hybrid is a unique Australian product, bred for Australian conditions.

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Retaining the valuable nutrients in pasture or forage crops that animals use to produce meat or milk is essential to producing a valuable crop. Pioneer® brand inoculants are fully researched, proven and provide the right bacteria in ideal numbers for a fast, efficient fermentation that locks in nutrients and dry matter. Our inoculants help local farmers maximise their crops and get more from their investment in the highest quality hybrids on the market.

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The benefits of Pioneer® brand seed treatments include minimal environmental impact, reliable performance that protects crops from insects and maximum safety for planting operators. Our premium seed treatments give your crop the best possible chance to achieve its full yield potential.

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At Pioneer® Seeds Australia, we believe more research delivers better results. By working with growers, sharing information and testing products on the ground, we get a deeper understanding of how certain products perform differently or more successfully than others. We conduct trials in a variety of locations around Australia to evaluate new hybrids in a range of environments.

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