More Than a Bag of Seed

When you purchase Pioneer®  brand seed you receive more than just a bag of seed.


Supporting Rural Communities

Pioneer® brand products believes in supporting organisations which help our rural communities. That is why we are actively involved within our communities sponsoring local events and supporting local communities. 



Promoting stewardship is our way of doing business. Preserving the long-term sustainability of herbicide tolerant technologies and production systems in crop rotations ensures the competitive edge of Australian agriculture.

Industry stewardship protects market choice for all stakeholders along the supply chain and market access in existing and new export markets.

Stewardship is everyone’s responsibility and supports our licence to operate.



At Pioneer we recognise that no two farms are the same - no two farmers have the same production, financial and lifestyle goals. That's why we have a dedicated team based locally working with local farmers to help them achieve their unique farming goals.

The Pioneer® brand product representatives have practical on-farm experience coupled with comprehensive farm systems and product training.

What can they do?

Pioneer Representatives use a number of FarmCheck™ tools and calculators to help farmers analyse and fine-tune their farming systems. Your local Pioneer Representative can help you:

  • Improve the efficiency of your farm system. 
  • Recommend the right product on the right acre.
  • Get more from your canola, sorghum, corn, summer forage or inoculant investment.



On farm technical back-up and support

There is always a local Pioneer representative close at hand offering help and advice, so you can make the greatest possible profit from your investment in Pioneer® brand products.

Our in-field support team have a combination of agronomy, farm systems and product expertise.

They can help with hybrid selection, day-to-day crop management and any other questions you may have.

Experienced, professional support is only a phone call away.


The right direction - New products proven IN australia

Every year you want to plant the right product for your paddock. New Pioneer® brand hybrids are only introduced once they have been rigorously tested in Australian and proven themselves to be better then what is already commercially avaliable.  


HIGH quality seed

Delivering high quality seed to you is a key goal. All Pioneer® brand seed grown and sold in Australia is rigorously tested for genetic purity. If it is not right it is not sold. You can see the difference in your seedling establishment, early vigour and yield monitor at harvest.


Getting it right - 1800 PIONEER (746 633)

If at any time advice or help is needed with any aspect of growing or using Pioneer® brand seed, Pioneer professional technical support is only a phone call away. Phone 1800 PIONEER (746 633).