45Y91(CL) Graph

Unique phenology allows for greater returns


Unmatched performance and hybrid yield potential, delivers greater returns in higher rainfall environments with this hyrbid.

Offering an outstanding agronomic package coupled with segment leading performance makes for reliable results and ease of management.

45Y91 offers growers a unique phenology, rapid early growth and excellent biomass which make it the hybrid of choice for mixed farming operations looking for grazing opportunities.

A Mid season maturity (5) hybrid, displaying excellent adaptability, ideally suited to medium to high rainfall environments.

Growers should consider this hybrid if they are after excellent early growth resulting in superior crop competition and early canopy closure. This is the hybrid for enhanced weed control and reduced weed seed set.

* Blackleg resistance rating with standard Betta Strike® seed protection.
# Provisional resistance rating from 2016 Pioneer screening.
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