CRM 99

P9911 Graph

new quick-season dual purpose hybrid


P9911 is a NEW dual-purpose, quick-season hybrid offering unmatched silage performance and yield stability.

Offering growers excellent grain yield for maturity this is an ideal option for grain growers in cooler climates aiming for field dry down.

P9911 has excellent staygreen to maximise silage startch content, this hybrid combines the best of bulk and energy for maximum milk productivity.

A tall impressive plant with outstanding dryland adaptability.

This hybrid should be considered by growers looking for silage yield in all conditions.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The description on the above page mainly features product strengths. When choosing hybrids, it is important to review the full table of trait ratings found here. Hybrid comparisons are only valid within a range of + or - 4 CRM (Comparative Relative Maturity).

P9911 Map