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1. Queensland

New sorghum variety fits well into long Darling Downs family history with Pioneer

Stuart McIntyre, Jondaryan, QLD, 2018/19 season

In a tough 2018/19 season, Pioneer® brand A75 grain sorghum not only produced a good yield, but standability was ‘rock solid’ on Stuart McIntyre’s property near Jondaryan on the Darling Downs.

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A66 sorghum produces above district average in dry southern Queensland conditions

Scott Commens, Dalby, QLD, 2018/19 season

Early vigour and good standability have been the key to success for Scott Commens’ sorghum program on the Darling Downs in the 2018/19 summer.

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Top rating and good standability wins grower over to new hybrid A66

Cliff Weier, Nandi, QLD, 2018/19 season

Much of the land dedicated to grain sorghum on grower Cliff Weier’s Queensland property will be planted to new Pioneer® hybrid A66 this season.

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A66 sorghum brings performance, flexibility to southern Queensland farm

Gavin Melbin, Dalby, QLD, 2018/19 season

After successfully marketing Pioneer hybrid A66 grain sorghum into the birdseed market, Gavin Melbin believes the variety brings multiple benefits to his cropping program on ‘Glen Charis’ at Dalby in southern Queensland.

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G33 Sorghum Standability Means Flexibility at Harvest on the Darling Downs

John Piper & Bob Dowding , Felton & Pittsworth, QLD, 2017/18 season

A dry finish to a season, particularly on lighter soil, can provide a stern test to any sorghum program, but when you get a variety which can both stay standing and produce good yields in tough conditions, it can be a gamechanger.

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Standability Critical to Good Sorghum Production on Darling Downs

Andrew Baartz & Cameron Wolski , Jondaryan & Irvingdale, QLD, 2017/18 season

Talk to many farmers on the Darling Downs, and they’ll tell you standability is key to a good sorghum. Simply put, there’s no point having a high yielding variety if it falls over before harvest.

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Darling Downs Grower Makes Successful Return to Pioneer Sorghum in Tough Conditions

Nick Shepherd , Dalby, QLD, 2017/18 season

With drought tolerance at the top of his priority list, Darling Downs farmer Nick Shepherd turned to Pioneer® grain sorghum hybrid G33.

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Quick Maturing Sorghum Hybrid Critical on Darling Downs Dryland Country

Brett Campbell, Dalby, QLD, 2017/18 season

Operating a dryland property at Brymaroo on the Darling Downs, Brett Campbell understands the importance of selecting sorghum hybrids with an early-to-mid maturity, allowing crops to finish on a dry end to a season.

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Sorghum stands up in Southern Qld box country

Don Steffens, Felton, Qld , 2016/17 season

Farming predominantly heavy box country at South Felton in Queensland, Don Steffens needs to grow sorghum varieties that stand up well. This is one of the reasons Pioneer® brand G33 forage sorghum hybrid is amongst the line-up of sorghum varieties he grows on his 485-hectare property ‘Plain Park’.

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