Pioneer​®​ brand products G22 ​Grain Sorghum Seed


grain sorghum plantgrain sorghum plant



an even hybrid with high performance.

Pioneer​®​ brand products ​G22 is ​a high performance s​orghum hybrid​ ​suitable for all growing districts ​and regions​, including dryland and​ irrigated​ sorghum fields​. ​It produces a v​ery attractive bright orange grain that is a very good grain size ​and is a profitable hybrid to grow as​ the grain is highly sought-after by the bird seed market because of its appearance. This hybrid ​grain sorghum plant​ is also known for ​its​ excellent height uniformity, ​which aids ease of harvesting, and produces​ an even crop with excellent standability​. ​G22 remains an excellent option ​for regions ​with cool starts ​due to its ​strong cold tolerance.

Sorghum f​armers will favour G22's high pollen production, even in adverse weather events (eg. heat, moisture stress or cool conditions at flowering), which helps maximise grain set and reduces the risk of ergot infection. G22 is a moderate tillering hybrid, with the tillers flowering at a similar time as the main head. The hybrid has good glyphosate sprayout dry-down when herbicide is applied at the correct rate and timing




Marginal dryland: 35,000 to 50,000 per ha

Favourable dryland: 55,000 to 75,000 per ha

Irrigation: 95,000 to 120,000 per ha


g22 managment comments

  • G22 is well-suited to all sorghum growing areas in Australia
  • This hybrid has low to moderate staygreen
  • Offers excellent early spring plant vigour so is well suited to early and late plantings
  • Excellent stress tolerance
  • Good grain size ensures high potential for harvestable yield under most growing conditions
  • Excellent height uniformity for ease of harvest
  • Highly recommended for early and midseason planting

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Pioneer​®​ Seeds Australia is the leading developer and supplier of ​sorghum hybrids​ in the Australian market. Our hybrids are developed with leading genetics and backed by global research, ensuring they are superior products to what is currently available and meet the high agronomic standards customers expect with Pioneer​®​ products.

In addition to providing on-farm backup and technical support, we make a wealth of helpful information available to assist sorghum growers in making informed crop management decisions and maximise their ​sorghum crop​ in terms of grain quality and yield. As part of our Long Look philosophy, we strive to produce the best products on the market and seek to assist customers in making optimum profit from our products.

Pioneer​®​ Seeds Australia has worked with local farmers for more than 40 years to develop premium ​hybrid sorghum​ seeds that represent an outstanding investment in the success of your crop. For further information on Pioneer​®​ brand products G22 and range of sorghum hybrids​, ​contact your local Pioneer​®​ representative​.