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Pioneer​®​ brand ​products ​1174 is a multi-crop inoculant designed for use on all silage including cereal, legume, pasture, forage sorghum and maize. This inoculant contains multiple strains of ​Pioneer​®​ ​patented proprietary Lactobacillus plantarum and Enterococcus faecium. 

Pioneer​®​ ​brand products ​inoculant 1174 is proven in Australian and global trials to:

• Increase dry matter recovery

• Promote a faster, more efficient fermentation

• Increase animal performance


silage inoculant manufacturers


As the foremost ​silage inoculant manufacturers​, Pioneer​®​ Seeds Australia works with local farmers to help them get the most from their crops and achieve their unique silage goals. If you have any questions about our silage inoculant products or how to use inoculants to protect and improve your silage, ​contact your local Pioneer​®​ representative​.