Treatment Process

Pioneer Betta Strike® is your investment to guard against early season disease and insects, helping maxmise our hybrids genetic yield potential.

What sets our seed treatment apart from others is the advanced technology & care we take with precision application, quality control and our bag and tagging process.

Quality seed treatment maximises crop yield and protects growers' seed investment. To carry the Pioneer Betta Strike® seed protection stamp of approval, every bag of treated Pioneer® brand seed must meet the following stringent quality control standards:


1. Quality control

Compliance with Pioneer's global Quality Managment System is at the forefront  of all conditioning, grading and seed treatment operations at our Narromine production plant ensuring you receive the highest quality seed every time.

2. Precision application

Precision treating technology administers the precise required dose of seed treatment to each and every seed. Treatment are accurately and evenly applied using multiple applications, giving consistent chemical loading on every seed.


3. Advanced film coatings

The use of the latest film coatings and an advanced drying process ensures all components of the treatment ingredients adhere to every seed, significantly reducing dust and improving planter operator safety.

4. Pioneer Warranty

For your protection every bag is mechanically stitched closed and labelled.