Pioneer® Brand Products

Download our guide and choose the right Pioneer® corn hybrid for you. 

What's in the guide?

  • The optimum corn plant times for each region of Australia.
  • Insightful overviews of Pioneer® corn varieties, including short season corn varieties. 
  • A detailed rating system that covers everything you need to know about each of our hybrids including:
    • Grain yield for maturity
    • Husk cover
    • Plant height
    • Cob rot resistance
    • Dryland adaptability 
    • Northern leaf blight
    • Silage yield for maturity
    • Staygreen
    • Whole plant digestibility
  • Includes information about our NEW Pioneer® maize hybrid P1837, a high yielding processing, feed, or silage hybrid with outstanding quality. With a wide area of adaptability, P1837 is suitable from Southern NSW to Northern Australia. 

We have Territory Sales Managers and Farm Services Consultants in key corn growing regions, who know local conditions and what works in your region. To contact your local sales representative, visit our contact us page