Pioneer® Brand Products

Pioneer® sorghum hybrids provide feed grain to the beef, dairy, pig, and poultry industries.

Our grain sorghum hybrids are uniquely bred for Australian farms, being tough and adaptable to produce top yields. Grain sorghum is well suited for many environments, including dry conditions, areas with uneven rainfall.

Download the Pioneer® sorghum hybrid guide and discover:

  • Key features of our A series hybrids, A75 and A66, and G33.
  •  Agronomic profile, including:
    - Head exertion
    - Height uniformity
    - Stalk lodging charcoal
    - Stalk lodging drought
    - Midge resistance
    - Harvest grain dry down
    - Tillering
    - Grain size
    - Early seedling vigour
    - Pollen score

We have Territory Sales Managers and Farm Services Consultants throughout Australia’s grain sorghum growing regions, who know local conditions and what works in your area. Click here to request a call from your local representative.