Pioneer® Brand Products

 Add Pioneer® inoculant to your grass, corn or cereal chop for fast, stable silage. 

Pioneer® brand products inoculants provide the right bacteria in ideal numbers for a fast, efficient fermentation. They help lock in nutrients and dry matter so your livestock can produce more milk pr meat from every tonne of pasture or crop you ensile. Our inoculants are patented and are not found in any other product on the market.

Pioneer® inoculants are collected by Pioneer silage microbiologists, with each Pioneer inoculant consisting of proprietary trains selected from their proprietary collections of over 10,000 lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains.

Download our inoculant guide to learn more about:

  • 11CFT with Nutrivail Feed Techonology.
  • 11C33 and 11G22 with Rapid React with Aerobic Stability Technology. A breakthrough advancement in Integrated Feed Solutions providing stable feed in just seven days.
  • Crop specific and multi crop fermentation enhancers, 1127 and 1174.