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Pioneer® Seeds Grain Sorghum Early Order Program

Secure this season's grain sorghum seed and reap your rewards

The Pioneer® Seeeds Early Order Program is your opportunity to: 

  • Lock in discounted pricing on known and trusted grain sorghum hybrids
  • Acquire cash flow savings and boost your budget with greatly extended terms
  • Significantly grow your end-of-season BDP rewards 


To download the Grain Sorghum Early Order Program information: 


All Pioneer® Seeds grain sorghum hybrids (84A66, 84A75, 84G33, 84A88 and 85A14) are included in this one-off Early Order Program, from 01 June 2022 strictly only until 31 August 2022. All grain sorghum seed ordered, invoiced and dispatched in this period will also lock in a BONUS trigger of payment terms extended to 28 February 2023. 

Order now to or contact your local Territory Sales Manager. 

BUT WAIT... there's more!

In addition to, and within the normal BDP offered to resellers during the entire 2022-23 grain sorghum sales period by their designated TSM, 84A66 and 84A75 (only) will attract an ADDITIONAL $75 per unit incentive, subject to sales criteria.