Pioneer® Brand Products

Are you looking to graze, bale or ensile your summer forage crop?

Whether you are looking for an early, mid or late season plant, Pioneer® brand forage sorghum varieties have got you covered. We have a range of sudan x sudan, sorghum x sudan and sorghum x sorghum hybrids.

Our summer forage guide covers:

  • Key features on SSS – Super Sweet Sudan. The only true super sweet sudan-by-sudan forage hybrid on the market in Australia, Super Sweet Sudan grass provides the opportunity to grow and graze multiple times, then cut for hay or silage and repeat. SSS produces high quality hay and round bale silage, suitable for sheep and cattle.
  • Forage sorghum planting rates
  • Insightful overviews of Pioneer® summer forage hybrids
  • Agronomic profile and end-use guides

Delivering high quality seed to you is our key goal. Our forage sorghum varieties are developed and tested in local conditions to ensure you get more bales, better silage or higher performing livestock.

We have Territory Sales Managers and Farm Services Consultants right across the country, who know local conditions and what works in your region. Click here to request a call from your local representative.