australian strike Research Programme

Pioneer® brand seed's research programme in Australia is designed to ensure growers have access to the very latest and best performing hybrids identified from Pioneer's global and Australian breeding effort. Key steps of this programme are summarised below.

Each season, the Australian Pioneer research and STRIKE teams work with local growers and contractors to test a broad range of new experimental hybrids under local conditions at multiple locations.

Firstly, new hybrids are tested in Research Trials. These replicated small
plot trials are located at approximately 26 sites around the country. The key is testing hybrids on-farm, over multiple years, in the same
conditions that farmers would experience. When we test multiple hybrids, over multiple locations and seasons, we can pick the best ones to re-test the next season.

Many of the experimental hybrids don’t progress beyond the Research stage because their yield and agronomic characteristics are no better than existing commercial hybrids. The handful of hybrids that show
improved performance in research trials move to STRIKE (Seed
Technology Research In Key Environments) trials. Of which there
are approximately 40 plus trial locations each year.

Pioneer field technicians plant each on-farm trial according to strict  protocols. The STRIKE program is an industry leader because of the
design of the trials. It’s a replicated, randomized trial design with diagonal
check hybrids entered throughout the trial, ensuring the data is accurate and not affected by paddock variation, or other variables.

STRIKE trials are where hybrids are really put to the test in multiple trials in defined growing regions. They are tested and monitored in real-life situations that allow the STRIKE team to gather useful information about every aspect of the hybrid. New hybrids planted in Research and
STRIKE trials are carefully observed and their performance is rated for a broad range of plant performance characteristics such as standability,
disease resistance, grain quality and yield.

STRIKE trials are harvested using specialised STRIKE equipment which collects yield, moisture and test weight data.

Experimental hybrids that offer real advantages over existing
commercial products are identified for local seed production and

Every individual trial co-operator receives information about their STRIKE results in discussion with their local Pioneer Area Manager. Data from STRIKE trials also assists local Pioneer Area Managers to help growers plant the right product in the right paddock.

The highest performing experimental Pioneer® brand  hybrids are identified in STRIKE trials, and only the best new candidate hybrids are advanced. Both extensive observation and performance data collected over several seasons is used to support the decision to commercially release new, higher performing hybrids to growers.