first to plant, first to feed

Pioneer® brand Betta Graze is the perfect hybrid for growers looking for a summer forage that shows excellent recovery from grazing or cutting. The fast growing nature of Betta Graze and its cold tolerance means it is the first summer forage option you can plant and the first you can feed to any livestock type.

Betta Graze is highly palatable and is suited to general grazing, hay production and round bale silage.

Betta Graze is a sorghum x sudan grass.



  • Cold tolerance means fast early growth
  • Responds well to heavy grazing or cutting
  • Shows quick growth and an abundance of tillers
  • High sugar content
  • Fine stems and disease free leaves



Marginal dryland: 2-10 kg/ha

Favourable dryland: 5-25 kg/ha

Irrigation: 10-30 kg/ha


Betta Graze management comments


  • Strict management is required to realise this hybrids full genetic potential and quality. 
  • Graze early and often. (Start grazing at 1-1.5m high)
  • High sugars, fine stems and higher digestibility allows for greater intake and better crop area utilisation
  • Row spacings from broadacre to 75cm
  • See Betta Graze Technical Insight for more details