Pioneer​®​ brand products Graze-N-Sile


forage sorghum silageforage sorghum silage



the best choice for pit silage production

Pioneer® brand Graze-N-Sile is a tall, grain-bearing forage sorghum hybrid.

These unique attributes mean Graze-N-Sile produces high quantities of silage with high energy content.

Graze-N-Sile is the ideal substitute for maize silage in dryland areas or in limited irrigation situations.

This is a sorghum x sorghum hybrid

forage sorghum silage



  • Ideal for pit silage
  • More water efficent than corn
  • Grain yield similar to Grain Sorghum hybrid (do not direct harvest like Grain Sorghum)
  • White grain type



Marginal dryland: 50,000 - 70,000 seeds/ha

Favourable dryland: 75,000 - 100,000 seeds/ha

Irrigation: 100,000 - 150,000 seeds/ha


graze-n-sile managment comments

  • Precise management required for silage production areas where corn is not an option
  • Similar management techniques to Grain Sorghum
  • Row spacings from 10 to 100 cm
  • Grazing tips - from broadacre to 75cm


Pioneer​®​ Seeds Australia’s hybrid ​forage​ and ​sorghum silage crops​ are developed specifically for local conditions with leading genetics. As with all our products, Pioneer​® brand products Graze-N-Sile is a premium-quality ​white sorghum seed​ that meets the high agronomic standards Pioneer​®​ brand products are renowned for.

We have worked with Australian growers for over 40 years and are committed to providing local growers with the highest standards of on-farm backup and technical support to maximise ​sorghum forage and silage crops​ in terms of energy quality and yield. We’re here to support you in making informed crop management decisions from seed planting through to ​silage harvesting​, to help you make optimum profit from our ​sorghum for silage products.

For further information on Pioneer​®​ brand products Graze-N-Sile and our range of sorghum forage and silage​ products, contact your ​local Pioneer​®​ Seeds Australia representative​.