australian-bred, unique hybrid. Super sweet, super growth

Pioneer® brand Super Sweet Sudan (SSS) is quick to graze and sustains multiple and intensive grazings.

SSS produces high-quality hay and round bale silage suitable for sheep and cattle.

This hybrid is a unique Australian product, bred for Australian conditions.



  • Wide area adaptation
  • Very fast growth and re-growth
  • Prolific tillering habit
  • Superfine stems
  • Super sweet and leafyHigh quality, very palatable hay at all stages of maturity and growth



Marginal dryland: 2-5kg/ha

Favourable dryland: 6-12 kg/ha

Irrigation: 12-16 kg/ha


super sweet sudan (SSS) managEment comments


  • SSS is well-suited for dryland and intensive irrigation farming environments in Australia
  • This hybrid is quick to graze and sustains multiple and intensive grazing
  • Offers excellent wide-area adaptation
  • Grow more with less -  high quality, smaller seed means you plant more hectares with less kilograms
  • See Super Sweet Sudan Growing Guide for more details