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Advancing stewardship is our way of doing business

Pioneer is providing leadership to deliver productivity gains through breeding innovation, regional agronomic best management practices, and access to the latest global technology to maintain Australia's competitive edge in grains export markets. 

The core stewardship principle  adopted by the Australian grains industry is that co-existence of technologies ensures growers and consumers can exercise their choice  to use new production technologies and make consumption choices.

Some examples of our leadership in stewardship:


Hybrid adoption

We are committed to promote the benefits of hybrids over traditional open-pollinated varieties (OPVs) to farmers. Our investment in hybrid development goes hand-in-hand with trait innovation and has delivered profound benefits to both the industry and our farmer customers Growing hybrids requires a different set of best practices to optimise profitability of farmers and through the value chain.

Quality planting seed

The Pioneer brand is widely recognised as an industry leader in reliably supplying quality seed across its product range. Evolving expectations of our farmer customers drives continual improvement from our end to maintain leadership through our quality services and to protect our brand reputation in the long-term. 

Trait innovation

Through Pioneer’s leadership in product integrity and developing novel herbicide tolerance traits, we are bringing our farmer customers greater versatility and options to control weeds in crop rotations and reduce weed seedbanks in the farming system. While stewardship builds on the strong foundations of our farmers and their community, it proactively supports practice change to take advantage of opportunities. 

Seed-applied technology

Our leadership in product stewardship means professional application and our own testing of the industry-best seed-applied technology to provide a Betta Strike® so to speak … of our planting seed, protects seeding health to achieve optimal crop establishment. 

Industry partnerships

Pioneer is committed to proactively supporting industry partnerships which ultimately help to preserve market choice and market access for all industry stakeholders from ‘paddock to plate’. 

Putting stewardship management practices to action along the supply chain recognises the importance  of encouraging innovation and investment in technology access, grower capability and market access for ALL key industry stakeholders. 


Some examples of putting stewardship into practice along the supply chain: 

  • Work with peak industry organisations such as the Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF), Grains Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA) and Maize Association to grow a competitive Australian grains industry meeting demand in domestic and international markets.
  • Promote farming with diverse tactics to manage the risk of herbicide resistance using the WeedSmart Big 6 tactics. As a long-term supporter of WeedSmart practices, Pioneer advocates providing practical advice to growers through a united industry voice to help farmers manage weeds and maintain the effectiveness of crop traits and herbicides. For specific requirements of herbicide tolerant canola weed control systems and development of your own whole farm stewardship plan, view the Herbicide Tolerant Canola Stewardship Guide.
  • Support industry stewardship initiatives in Australia and internationally for crop protection chemicals and for seed/biotech described at Excellence Through Stewardship and CropLife Australia – ‘Supplying sustainability through stewardship’. 

Responsible product stewardship & agronomy

Pioneer acknowledges that each of us along the product supply chain from our plant breeders through to the end users of the grain from our products all have a role in stewardship.

We take this shared responsibility seriously, and integrate the agronomic support we provide into our stewardship philosophy.


Examples include: 

  • The right product in the right paddock: Product knowledge and experience enable the right positioning of our products in key environments and the right practices to achieve the best results from growing our products. Through continued genetic improvements in our expanded R&D program we expect to see more gains in the yield potential of seed across Pioneer brand products.
  • Dissemination of Information: Our goal is to provide information and advice that is based on evolving growing practices, the latest science and sustainable production. We do this through an integrated communication approach providing growers with a range of tools to access the best agronomy information for their operation.
  • Improvements to technology transfer: Ensuring agronomy information is timely, targeted and relevant. Phenology characterisation of our hybrids and fertility management results from our productivity focussed programs such as YieldMax in canola could lead to a large increase in production, water use efficiency and crop profitability. We will focus our efforts on getting the right information at the right time. In this way, we will ensure new knowledge can be put to use in the field, where it counts.
  • Our people: Growers need access to the best agronomic information and advice unique to their farm operation, based on the latest science. We aim to ensure all our people can provide growers access to the latest information and tools we develop and have a vested interest in their customers operations.
  • Environmental footprint: Responsible stewardship helps farmers continually reduce their impact through strategic integrated weed management (IWM), careful application of pesticides and fertilisers, and sustainable farming methods such as minimum tillage practices.

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