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Optimum GLY® is the newest and most advanced herbicide tolerance trait technology in canola from Corteva Agriscience™ and Pioneer® brand seeds in Australia. Designed to optimise growth, it allows you to make the herbicide applications you need to achieve weed control without crop injury across a broad application window.


Optimum GLY® herbicide tolerance trait key features:

Robust and efficacious glyphosate tolerance without crop injury.


Optimum GLY hybrids enable a broader range of glyphosate application rates. This range increases the spectrum of weeds that can be controlled.


Later application window from cotyledon to 10% flowering.


What is Optimum GLY Canola?

Optimum GLY® herbicide tolerance trait canola is a new glyphosate-tolerance technology developed by Corteva Agrisciences and marketed in Australia by Pioneer Seeds.



Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide active ingredient in agriculture today because it provides effective, reliable, broad-spectrum, and inexpensive weed control.

Why develop a new glyphosate-tolerance technology?

Farmers value choice and innovation that improves upon existing technology to enable mitigation of current and future weed management challenges. Corteva Agriscience’s independence and ownership of this technology increases our ability to reinvest and deliver future agricultural solutions such as Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance trait.

Why choose Optimum GLY® herbicide tolerance trait as part of your integrated weed management system?

All benefits previously observed with glyphosate-tolerant systems will continue and be improved upon with Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance trait. Those benefits include improved adoption of conservation tillage and improved versatility in crop management such as ‘time of sowing’ and ‘timing of weed control’ operations.

Improved crop safety of Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance trait compared to existing glyphosate tolerant traits is evidenced in comparing approved label application rates, the number of allowable sprays during the growing season, and the versatility of spraying on later crop development stages.

Compared to the Truflex™ & Roundup Ready® varieties, the Optimum GLY technology uses a different pathway in the plant to give the canola tolerance. This means that you will be able to spray up to 3 applications of glyphosate (in accordance to the label of the registered glyphosate). I.e. CRUCIAL® could be used up to 1.8L/ha with a minimum of 14 days between applications.

Approved label application rate comparison (November 2021)




Optimum GLY® - Comparative weed control regimes

Optimum GLY® – Comparative weed control regimes.png

IMPORTANT: use of unregistered products or off label product rate(s) will void product and trait warranty.
Detailed information regarding Nufarm CRUCIAL and associated weed control measures is available from the Nufarm CRUCIAL website.

How is Optimum GLY® herbicide tolerance trait different from other technologies?

Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance trait expresses glyphosate acetyltransferase (GAT), which is an enzyme that metabolises glyphosate upon its entry into the canola plant converting glyphosate to a herbicidally inactive form. This conversion prevents the “herbicidally-active” molecule from binding to EPSPs and stopping the critically important shikimic acid pathway required for canola growth.

Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance trait deactivates glyphosate to survive


Other glyphosate technologies including Roundup Ready® and TruFlex™ technologies work by utilising a gene that creates an altered EPSPS enzyme in the plant, one that is not inhibited by glyphosate. When glyphosate is sprayed, it disables the native EPSPS synthase, but is not able to disable the transgenic gene in Roundup Ready® and TruFlex™ technologies, allowing the shikimate pathway to proceed. TruFlex™ is different from Roundup Ready® because it adds an enhancer sequence in the promoter region to heighten transgenic enzyme expression in male (pollen) reproductive tissue.

Roundup Ready® & TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® technologies


How can you access Optimum GLY® in 2024?

Growers are required to complete applicable stewardship training and a Technology Use Agreement (TUA) before obtaining, planting, or growing seed containing the Optimum GLY trait.
The Technology Use Agreement is available on the Corteva Australia Trait Technology Licensing Portal. 




Access and sign the compulsory Technology Use Agreement



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Growers planting Optimum GLY hybrids must enter into a Corteva Agriscience Technology User Agreement (TUA). This agreement requires them to adhere to the stewardship requirements described in the Optimum GLY Product Use Guide, including, without limitation:

  • Following directions of use on all seed, pesticide, or other product labels
  • Implementing Integrated Weed Management (IWM) practices, before and after planting
  • Canola hybrids with the Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance trait may only be grown in Australian states and territories (Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia) that allow commercial production of crops with biotech traits
  • For crops or material containing the Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance trait, confirming trait acceptance and intended uses and destinations with grain handlers prior to delivery, or using those products on-farm
  • Not sending seed or other material containing the Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance trait into countries or states where the product is not allowed, including through a third party
  • Following any additional stewardship requirements that Corteva Agriscience deems necessary

Both Corteva Agriscience and Pioneer Seeds product stewardship approach means responsible management of the life cycle of our technologies from initial research to the discontinuation of a product. Pioneer brand canola hybrids with Optimum GLY® will be commercially available in 2024. 

Corteva Agriscience requires that growers comply with regulations, Corteva Agriscience policies, and crop management strategies for Optimum GLY® herbicide tolerant hybrids.


Optimum GLY FAQ

Optimum GLY is a new herbicide tolerance trait that enables growers to apply higher rates of glyphosate across a later application window. This offers greater convenience and flexibility when spraying for more effective weed management.

Optimum GLY unlocks the genetic potential of canola hybrids by allowing agronomic traits to perform without a herbicide impact on yield potential. Canola hybrids with the Optimum GLY trait offer improved crop safety with the ability to spray at the optimal time and rate, enhanced annual and broadleaf weed control to help with weed resistance management and herbicide rotation, and a later window of herbicide application (cotyledon to 10% flowering) to maximise weed removal options. This will help growers adapt to weather conditions and achieve better weed control through more choice and flexibility, keeping fields clean and maximising genetic potential.

A later window of application past first flowering gives canola growers more flexibility to time their herbicide application to maximise weed removal options. This gives more time to cover large hectares or clean up late flushes of weeds without the risk of yield impact on late-season applications.

Up to 3 applications, (rate range of 621 - 1080g ai/ha) of glyphosate can be applied per season, from cotyledon to 10% flowering. Apply up to 3 applications, at least 14 days apart. For optimum weed control, it is recommended to spray the amount of glyphosate that is required as early as possible.

Prior to taking delivery of your canola variety with Optimum Gly technology, you must:

  1. Create an account on the Corteva Technology Agreement Centre (CTAC)
  2. Complete the accreditation course
  3. Sign a copy of a Technology Use Agreement (TUA)
  4. Speak to your local Pioneer Sales Representative for technical information on the hybrid that best suits your needs (1800 PIONEER)
  5. Ensure your Reseller has completed their accreditation.

Steps 1 – 3 can be achieved by accessing the Corteva Technology Agreement Centre (CTAC)


Accreditation is a part of the Corteva stewardship program and only needs to be completed once, prior to planting. This program is designed to provide farmers and agronomists with the information needed to successfully grow Optimum GLY® canola.

The TUA serves as an agreement between the grower and Corteva demonstrating that the grower understands and agrees to follow all stewardship and legal responsibilities related to their purchase.

All growers who wish to grow canola with Optimum GLY trait technology (regardless of whether the seed is for commercial, trial or demonstration purposes) must sign a TUA prior to purchasing canola seed with Optimum GLY trait technology.

Yes. All growers must have a signed Corteva TUA prior to purchasing canola seed with Optimum GLY trait technology, which is not covered by any other agreement.

No. All TUA’s will be signed and kept electronically via the Corteva Technology Agreement Centre.

Once you have signed your TUA, a copy will be sent to the email provided and will also be stored electronically on the Corteva Technology Agreement Centre, which can be accessed by logging back into the CTAC and downloading a copy.

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