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Seed360 represents our 360 degree approach to everything we do

As a leading producer of hybrid canola, corn, forage, grain sorghum and inoculants products, at Pioneer Seeds we believe we have a responsibility to assist Australian farming operations and advance the science of agriculture from the ground up.

We are dedicated to providing customers with high-yielding, quality seed and great supply.

But it doesn't end there.

The concept of Seed360 also focuses on providing valuable advice, tools and stewardship to support our technologies for maximum product value, benefits, and longevity.

Pioneer Seed360 covers everything IN, ON and AROUND the seed.  




Seed360 focus

  • Seed supply and timeley distribution
Seed quality
  • Genetics for high germination and strong vigour
  • Betta Strike® seed treatment and professional application
  • Seed quality analysis
  • Seed storage best practice
  • Agronomy IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and IWM (Integrated Weed Management)
  • Trait purity
  • Regulatory management
  • Product use guides
  • Grain marketing and export approvals
  • Farm safety, hygiene and biosecurity

Importance of seed quality

Seed is alive

Storage of seed requires additional care compared to chemicals.

Proper storage and handling of seed will affect its field performance, especially under adverse conditions for establishment.

The seed begins to lose vigour (often very quickly) with any ill-treatment, and once viability of the seed is reduced it cannot be regained.

Make every seed count

Betta Strike_Logo_2018_Tag.jpg

  • Professionally applied and tested to specifications during treatment
  • Premium treatment against targeted diseases and insect pests
  • Advanced formulations to maximise efficacy of treatment and user safety, subject to use according to the product label

Learn more about the seed treatment process here.


What is stewardship?

Stewardship is more than just regulatory programs for products. It is much more than policy, procedure and compliance.

For us, it's the adoption and promotion of best practice, while operating in a sustainable manner that supports the viability and longevity of our business.

As the exclusive licensee of Pioneer Brand Seeds in Australia, we deliver product performance now, while making sustainable innovations accessible to Australian growers in to the future.

Our stewardship program is our strategy to do just this; it allows us to minimise the impact of any product, trait, or technology we produce, use or sell may have, throughout all stages of their life cycle and across the supply chain.

Stewardship can take on many forms:
  • seed treatment strategies
  • integrated pest management for insects like fall army worm
  • herbicide resistance management initiatives like WeedSmart
  • our black leg disease surveys in canola
  • programs to support bees and crop pollinators
  • tackling our company carbon footprint
  • addressing the environmental impact of our bags, packaging and tags
  • and how we participate, lobby and represent ourselves in industry


Your Seed is backed by
local experience

With dedicated and highly skilled team members located throughout Australia you can be sure of accessing the best local knowledge to help you maximise your investment in Pioneer® brand hybrid seed. Get in touch with your local Territory Sales Manager or Farm Services Consultant today.

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