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In 2022 Pioneer Seeds in Australia became a members of Excellence Through Stewardship. The objectives, principles, and management practices of ETS means a commitment to the development, documentation and independent verification of stewardship programs and quality management systems across the plant biotechnology product lifecycle.

Excellence Through Stewardship is a global organisation that promotes the adoption of product stewardship programs and quality management systems for the full life cycle of agricultural biotechnology products.

ETS member organisations implement product stewardship (responsible management, handling, governance, oversight, traceability etc.) best practices designed to cover organisations throughout the plant product lifecycle.



WeedSmart is an industry-led initiative to enhance on farm practices and promote the long term sustainability of herbicide use. Research partners, commercial organisations, Government, advisors and growers continue in a united effort to ensure weed management is at the forefront of global farming practice.

WeedSmart delivers a national stewardship campaign for key stakeholders to focus on encouraging attitudes and actions aimed at minimising crop weeds and sustaining herbicide use through the implementation of WeedSmart's "Big 6".

Visit the WeedSmart website for more information:

WeedSmart provides practical ways for growers to fight herbicide resistance by farming with diverse tactics within both summer and winter cropping systems.

The WeedSmart Big 6:

  1. Rotate crops and pastures
  2. Double knock to preserve glyphosate
  3. Mix and rotate herbicides
  4. Stop weed seed set
  5. Crop competition
  6. Harvest weed seed control


The Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF) has developed Sustainable Grain Australia (SGA) to facilitate the sustainability certification of Australian grain, oilseeds and pulses under the ISCC scheme. Sustainable Grain Australia is designed to simplify and standardise the process for growers across the country, while also improving the efficiency of the audit process for growers.

Access information on Sustainable Grains Australia via the Australian Oilseeds Federation website and read the  Program Overview which explains how Sustainable Grain Australia assists growers with ISCC Certification.

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