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STRIKE is the latest innovation to enhance Pioneer's Research Program. STRIKE stands for Seed Technology Research in Key Environments. This program is an advanced method for evaluating hybrids in research plots.

STRIKE trials are planted in a range of environments with different soil types and disease pressures.

As the name implies, these trials involve a number of seed technology research methods, benefiting from intensive management, close observation and evaluation throughout the growing season by a specialist STRIKE team.

STRIKE takes the number of on-farm trials and the amount of data to a whole new level and allows Pioneer to test many more of our hybrids to identify top candidates for commercialisation.

We're trying to find products that perform consistently.

The goal is to best position specific Pioneer hybrids to growers' individual needs and growing conditions.

The first step is selecting experimental hybrids to be tested and compared in research trials.

Once selected, experimental and commercial hybrids can then be tested and compared in on-farm trials.

The best hybrids are advanced and commercialised for Australian farmers to grow

Although STRIKE testing is wide-scale, product advancement is local. So customers can be confident a product available in their area has been tested locally.

Accurate product characterisation at a local level helps growers place the right product on the right paddock.

Growers want to know what performs well in their area. STRIKE trials supply information that helps our sales people work to find those appropriate hybrids for each farm.

STRIKE trials deliver numerous data points that can be applied to local conditions.

We're able to understand how new products compare to existing hybrids. That means we can validate trait scores for local growing environments.

STRIKE trials are located in growers' fields.

The STRIKE team are looking for a uniform location in a field so they can compare products fairly and accurately. Growers, or cooperators as they are known, allow Pioneer to manage STRIKE trials on their fields to get information on how products perform.

Testing site selection is crucial.

We try to eliminate as many variables as we can so we evaluate the genetics on their own merits.

A uniform site is important. Each product should have the opportunity to 'win' the location.

Cooperators see products two years before most growers

Which means they are at the forefront and understand how these products and traits are performing. They also have the opportunity to ask Pioneer about these products. It's a win-win for Pioneer and co-operators.

STRIKE trials also give Pioneer access to valuable data whether growing conditions are 'normal' or extreme.

No one hopes for a drought, but if it happens it allows Pioneer to gather data on Pioneer brand hybrid performance under very challenging conditions.

The information we collect in STRIKE trials during a drought year can help us characterise products for these conditions.

STRIKE trials are another tool - and an important one - to help Pioneer ensure each customer can place the right product on the right paddock.

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