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Hybrid performance data is the key to choosing the best hybrids

Hybrid performance data can play an important role in helping you decide which hybrids to plant for the following year. It's imperative to base your decisions on good quality yield data from trials conducted at multiple locations over several years.

There are several important considerations when looking at results from trial plots or strips. Pioneer aims to be the market-leader in supplying the industry with trustworthy, reliable data on which to base your decisions.

When you're researching which hybrid to plant in your program, in your area, follow the same general guidelines that our Research team and Production growers do.

In this video Pioneer's lead Corn breeder, Stephen Wilson gives some insight into what we look for in hybrids. 

Choose well-executed trials

Hybrids should be planted on sites where irregularities in soil type, drainage, fertility and compaction are minimal. At each location seed treatments, weed and pest control, time of harvest and weighing device should be the same.

Make a valid hybrid comparison

Evaluate like products with one another. Different companies assign different ratings to their hybrids. For example in corn a 100 CRM Pioneer brand corn hybrid does not necessarily take the same amount of time to reach harvest maturity as a 100 CRM hybrid from another company. When comparing hybrids look at widescale research data.

Beware of small yield differences

The smaller the yield differences between products, the more trials that are needed to ensure the measured difference is real and not just due to chance.

Pioneer has a commitment to only publish data with a minimum of 10 data points. Less than this minimum, statistically this data isn't accurate enough to be used for future hybrid prediction.

Remember when looking at trial data there is not a winning hybrid – no single hybrid will be best for all situations. It takes a complete package of hybrids to best fit your management system and environment. Remember to consider planting partners and look at traits as well as yield.

Next year will not be the same as this year

Using multiple locations over multiple years is highly recommended. Using a single plot is interesting for local comparisons and provides a great history, but to truly predict future performance with unknown growing conditions, use a minimum of 10 or more plots to compare the same products. Look at multiple years of data or different environments to check on consistency of products under different growing conditions. Remember to consider the importance of yield stability.

Hybrid choice is one of the most important decisions you make on your farm each year. Be sure you give it the consideration and care it deserves.

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