Our canola stewardship Tactics

  • Develop and implement a collaborative research and development strategy that supports the growth and competitiveness of the Australian canola industry.
  • Set a new standard in science-based technology transfer to growers and their support network that optimizes the full genetic potential of canola in a sustainable, profitable manner.
  • Use a coordinated, targeted approach to deliver canola innovation and research to appropriate audiences.
  • Utilize science and innovation to identify and disseminate the best sustainability practices and measurements


    Hybrid Adoption: Continue to promote the benefits of hybrids over OPVs
    Genetic improvements: We expect to see more gains in the yield potential of canola seed
    Plant establishment: We estimate that improvements in seeding and plant establishment through Betta Strike® technology and application can increase average yields
    Fertility management: A small increase in fertility could lead to a large increase in production, leading to an average yield increase
    Integrated pest management: Improved management of weeds, diseases and insects could increase average yields
    Harvest management: Improved harvest timing and practices

    HOW: responsible product stewardship & agronomy

    Dissemination of Information: Our goal is to provide information and advice that is based on evolving growing practices, the latest science and sustainable production. We will do this through an integrated communication approach providing growers with a range of tools to access the best agronomy information for their operation.
    Improvements to technology transfer: Ensuring agronomy information is timely, targeted and relevant. We will focus our efforts on getting the right information to the right grower at the right time. In this way, we will ensure new knowledge can be put to use in the field, where it counts.
    Our people: Growers need access to the best agronomic information and advice unique to their farm operation, based on the latest science. We aim to ensure all our people have a vested interest in their customers operations and can provide growers access to the latest information tools we are developing.



    Seed Quality: Deliver products that have superior quality that growers can trust, allowing growers to attain the maximum value from their seed purchase.
    Industry Partnerships: Continue to work with industry partners such as the AOF to develop and grow the canola industry in Australia and internationally. Ensure government officials are informed of canola priorities and canola’s value proposition so that they make decisions that are conducive to sustained profitability in the canola industry.
    New Technology: Introduce leading new technology that offers growers in Australia internationally competitive products that deliver greater yields and superior traits.