canola frequently asked questions

How do Pioneer® brand hybrids compare to other leading canola hybrids?

Pioneer® has years of both internal and third-party data that supports Pioneer® brand products hybrid genetics’ competitiveness with industry leaders.

Ask your local Pioneer® sales representative to view our STRIKE Trials. Pioneer® Seeds Australia has a canola hybrid suitable for any farm in Australian canola growing areas, offering competitive yields and strong disease resistance. View our Canola Hybrids and choose the hybrid that is right for you.

What hybrid should I grow?

Pioneer® has the most extensive range of proven hybrids in all regions and growing environments. To determine the best hybrid for your growing environment, use our hybrid selector.


Should I invest in Betta Strike® Seed Protection?

Betta Strike® Seed Protection is standard on all Pioneer® canola hybrids for the most effective control of Blackleg seedling infection in canola. Betta Strike® also offers Poncho Plus insecticide for control of cutworm, wireworm, aphids, red legged earth mite, blue oat mite and suppression of Lucerne Flea. We highly recommend ordering your seed with either Betta Strike® seed protection or our custom seed treatment option where available.

What are my weed control options?

Pioneer® canola hybrids offer three herbicide technology platforms for weed control.

For Pioneer Roundup Ready® hybrids, the weed control options include straight or multiple glyphosate applications. Roundup® (glyphosate) herbicides provide excellent knockdown control of a wide range of grass and broadleaf species. Roundup® herbicides are post-emergent and have no residual soil activity.

For Pioneer Clearfield® hybrids, Intervix® herbicide offers a broad spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control. For Pioneer® Triazine-tolerant hybrids, triazine offers high levels of control of key brassica weed species, such as Wild Radish. This system also provides average control of key grass species such as annual ryegrass, thereby taking pressure off herbicide resistance development in these grass species.

Where do I buy Pioneer® brand products canola seed from?

A grower can buy canola seeds from a recognised Pioneer® canola seed retail store.

Which Pioneer® brand products canola hybrid should I grow?

If you have little canola growing experience and you’re unsure how to grow canola or which canola hybrid to grow, don't worry, as help is available. If you are unsure of what to do or how to get started, contact your local Pioneer® Seeds Australia representative.