Getting the most out of your farm with FarmCheck™

At Pioneer® brand products we recognise that no two farms are the same - no two farmers have the same production, financial and lifestyle goals. That's why we have a dedicated team based locally working with local farmers to help them achieve their unique farming goals.

The Pioneer representatives have practical on-farm experience coupled with comprehensive farm systems, silage making and nutrition training.

Getting your crop right means:

  • Increased profitability
  • Driving yield
  • Better management of weed banks
  • Reduced input costs
  • Longevity through excellence in stewardship

What is a FarmCheck™?

Your Pioneer representative will use a number of FarmCheck™ tools and calculators and work with you to analyse and fine-tune your farming systems.

Your FarmCheck™ will assist you to:

  • Improve efficiency of your farm systems
  • Select the right product for the right paddock
  • Get more from your canola, sorghum, corn, summer forage and inoculant investment


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What do other Farmers say about the improvements FarmChecK™ has made for them?

Scott Moore

Scott said his local Pioneer rep recommended corn hybrid P1888 as suitable for his farming system and end use.

His crop yielded 13.75t/ha which Scott was thrilled with. Scott also said moisture testing services provided by his Pioneer rep assisted with timing of harvest.

Peter McCarthy

Farm Manager for Brisbane Valley Protein, Peter said his local Pioneer rep recommended using SSS – Super Sweet Sudan in the silage program for their cattle backgrounding facility.

Peter also said his Pioneer rep assisted to set up the haymower to condition stalks and allow for moisture loss and wilting prior to chopping.

Tyson Jarvis

Tyson said his local Pioneer rep talked to him about nutrition, plant population and hybrid choice which he said was “bloody helpful” and made a huge difference.

Tyson said they’ve increased their production of Pioneer® P1467 from 25 hectares to over 100 ha and fertilise with pig manure prior to planting. 100% of their corn is used in the Jarvis’ own piggery.

Brad Forsyth

Brad said his local Pioneer rep advised him on the timing of final irrigation and fungicide application for the control of Northern Leaf Blight.

Brad said advice about fertilizer inputs and trace element deficiencies also played an important part in driving yield.


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2018/19 Crop Guide

Not Sure if You need a FarmCheck™?

Your success is our success. Partner with Pioneer and tap into our global knowledge bank.

Advice & Recommendations

  • Hybrid recommendations
  • Optimum seeding rate
  • Seed depth advice
  • Cutting and harvesting advice
  • Growing tips
  • Fertilising

Tests and Checks

  • Plant count check
  • Yield estimate check
  • Watering check
  • Maturity check
  • Seed germination test of carry-over seed
  • Spray out Check

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