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Sorghum is the main summer farming crop grown in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. It plays a key role in providing feed grains to the beef, dairy, pig and poultry industries. Growing sorghum is a good choice as a rotation crop due to its high heat and moisture stress tolerance.

Sorghum is well suited for dry conditions, areas with uneven rainfall distribution that may adversely affect the growing season of other crops, and high year to year variation in rainfall and water supplies.

Other advantages to growing sorghum include its:

  • ability to be grown on marginal soils
  • shorter growing season.

The lower variable cost of sorghum can help growers spread risk by:

  • producing another crop at lower cost
  • spreading limited capital across more acres

There are numerous benefits associated with ​growing grain sorghum as a crop​, from its strong market demand and versatility to the key role it plays in providing feed grains to the beef, dairy, pig and poultry industries. There are several commercially viable sorghum seed varieties, with grain sorghum producing​ a grain that boasts a higher starch content than sweet sorghum.

Sorghum​ is popular as a rotation crop due to its high​ heat and moisture stress ​tolerance and is the main summer crop in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Another benefit to growing sorghum is its suitability for dryland and dry conditions, including areas that experience uneven rainfall distribution which may have an adverse effect on ​other crops’ growing seasons​​.


Benefits of growing Grain Sorghum

The lower variable cost of sorghum can help growers spread risk by:

  • Spreading limited capital across more hectares
  • Producing an additional crop at a lower cost

Pioneer® brand Grain Sorghum HYBRIDS


Big Yield, High Tillering, Mid-maturing Sorghum Grain Hybrid

  • A NEW A-series Australian bred sorghum hybrid developed for Australian conditions.
  • A big yielder
  • A big grain size
  • A high tillering hybrid
  • A good midge rating
  • A good stander
  • A very high Midge resistance
  • A good disease package
  • A good pollinator
  • A great option for early or mid-season plantings


High Yield, Mid-maturing Sorghum Grain Hybrid

A tough, next generation A-series sorghum hybrid delivering production stability, a strong disease profile and all-round agronomics that provides a large grain size with a vibrant bright red colour.

  • Excellent yield and quick dry down
  • Exceptional standability
  • A good option for cool starts
  • Very high midge resistance
  • Early or late planting in most regions


High Yield, Quick Maturity Sorghum Grain Hybrid

A shorter hybrid with very good stalk strength, excellent yield results and exceptional standability even when under stress, which makes it a very attractive grain sorghum option for growers.

  • Good-sized red grain
  • High top-end yield
  • Excellent standability
  • Low staygreen for quick harvest dry down
  • Mid/quick flowering with excellent yield for maturity

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What Our Farmers Say About Our GRAIN Sorghum Hybrids

"Yield and standability in sorghum is important, plus we also want a variety with a good midge rating. We've also found G33 has a good grain size and the screenings have been very low in the past."

Brett Campbell

Dalby, QLD

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"Shortly after planting we had about 10 days of 40-plus degree weather, which was fairly hard on everything. Then on Boxing Day we had a horrendous storm, which produced a lot of in-field wash. However, G33 stood up well, handling the conditions better than the competitor sorghum next to it.”

Nick Shepherd

Dalby, QLD

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