Pioneer​® brand G33 ​Grain Sorghum Seed


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higher yield for quicker maturity.


G33 is ​Pioneer​®​ ​Seeds Australia’s​ leading sorghum hybrid with excellent yield results, making it one of the leading commercial grain sorghum hybrids in Australia.

A shorter hybrid with very good stalk strength means G33 has excellent standability, especially when under stress which will makes it a very attractive option for growers.

G33 has low staygreen levels which enables quick harvest dry-down. The hybrid also offers excellent cold tolerance which makes it a great option for cold starts.

This hybrid has good-sized red grain on a semi-open head type.



Marginal dryland: 35,000 to 50,000 per ha

Favourable dryland:  55,000 to 75,000 per ha

Irrigation: 85,000 to 120,000 per ha


g33 managEment comments

  • G33 is well-suited to all sorghum growing areas in Australia
  • This hybrid is a good option for cool starts
  • Offers low staygreen for a quicker harvest dry down
  • Excellent stress tolerance
  • Suits irrigated or dryland farming environments
  • A short statured plant with semi-open head type
  • Standard spray-out management applies.
  • Highly recommended for early or late season planting

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Pioneer​®​ Seeds Australia is the foremost developer and supplier of ​grain sorghum seed ​in Australia. Our products are developed with leading genetics and backed by global research to ensure they meet the high agronomic standards that our valued customers insist on and have come to expect with Pioneer​®​ brand products.

We have worked with local farmers for over 40 years to develop superior ​grain sorghum products at ​prices​ that represent an excellent investment in the success of your crop. We also make available a wealth of information to assist growers in making sound crop management decisions and offer on-farm backup and technical support to help you achieve the best results from your crop.

As with all our competitively-​priced ​products, Pioneer​®​ brand products G33 ​grain sorghum seed​ has been developed, tested and trialled locally to ensure suitability for a broad range of cropping environments in regions across Australia, excellent standability in adverse weather conditions and outstanding resistance to drought and disease.

If you are looking for premium-quality ​grain sorghum seed for sale ​or would like expert advice on the viability of growing ​grain sorghum​ in your region, contact your ​local Pioneer​® Seeds Australia​ representative.