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Tough all-rounder with good yield potential.

Pioneer® brand products G44 offers growers a tough all-rounder hybrid sorghum seed option, delivering very good yield potential.

This hybrid has a short plant height and a semi-open head.

When looking to match your plant population with your available soil moisture and seasonal outlook, G44 is the best sorghum seed to buy due to its low to moderate tillering habit. 

Growers will be attracted to this hybrid’s excellent standability. G44 also offers large, bright orange grain size.





Marginal dryland: 35,000 TO 55,000 per ha

Favourable dryland: 55,000 TO 88,000 per ha

Irrigation: 88,000 TO 135,000 per ha


g44 management comments

  • When looking to match your plant population with your available soil moisture and predicted environmental probability, G44 is best choice due its low to moderate tillering habit.
  • This hybrid is a tough all-rounder
  • Excellent stress tolerance
  • A short statured plant with good grain size ensures high potential for harvestable yield 
  • Central Queensland preferred planting time is before the end of January


Follow this link to learn more about the Sorghum Midge Testing Scheme

Pioneer® Seeds Australia is the leading developer and supplier of grain sorghum seed on the Australian market. To ensure this premium-quality yet competitively- priced sorghum seed product meets the high agronomic standards local farmers have come to expect with our products, Pioneer® brand products G44 grain sorghum seed is developed with leading genetics, backed by global research and has been tested and trialled in a range of local Australian environments.

Our ongoing commitment to research, development and testing ensures G44 delivers excellent standability in adverse weather conditions, outstanding resistance to disease, and is suitable for a wide range of cropping environments across Australia.

If you require further information on Pioneer® brand products G44, contact your local Pioneer® representative. Pioneer® Seeds Australia offers a wide range of sorghum seed for sale at competitive prices and our experienced representatives can help you make the right choices about the sorghum seed you buy and the sorghum grain you produce.