inoculant product information


Pioneer​® ​Seeds Australia is committed to delivering the very ​best silage inoculants​ on the market for farmers and growers across Australia. Our world-class inoculant products boast unique bacterial strains, are developed with leading genetics and have been rigorously tested to ensure they represent a superior product. Whatever the type of inoculant you require, we offer a range of​ seed inoculants for sale​ to improve and protect the quality of your silage. 

Here you’ll find farm profiles across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

Pioneer​®​ Seeds Australia’s technical insights enable farmers to select the ​best silage inoculants ​for their farming operations and silage goals.

We have made a number of inoculant publications available to help farmers and growers use inoculants effectively and maximise silage quality.

Access frequently asked questions about our inoculant products, including how does a silage inoculant work and how many bacteria do Pioneer​®​ brand products inoculants apply.

Please use the above inoculant product information as a guide and ​contact your local Pioneer​®​ Seeds Australia representative​ if you have any questions regarding our range of seed inoculants for sale.