Early season (3)

43Y23 RR

Proven consistency in yields over a wide range of seasons and environments.

44Y23 has a solid bottom end yield for those tough environments, with the potential to cash in when conditions permit. Performance is supported by excellent results in GRDC National Variety Trials.

Recommended planting option in low to medium rainfall growing zones. An effective option for managing weeds and herbicide resistance with exceptional vigour, crop competition and yield potential.

Early maturity (3) with time to flower up to 4 days quicker compared to Pioneer® brand 44Y24 (RR).

Shorter plant stature, outstanding standability and shatter tolerance aids ease of management where crops are windrowed or directed harvested. Grain size is uniform and large.

Recommended planting option in low to medium rainfall growing zones.

43Y23 RR

43Y23 RR


Product type: Roundup Ready®
Herbicide tolerance trait: Tested for tolerance to the registered formulation of Roundup Ready® herbicide for in-crop application in canola.
Maturity: Early season (3)
Phenology Class: Fast
Blackleg rating: R*
GRDC Blackleg Group: B


Grain Oil Content


Plant Vigour


Plant Height


Crop Standability


Shatter Tolerance


Grain Test Weight


RATING: 1 = poor 9 = excellent

*2020 GRDC rating with standard Betta Strike® treatment


43Y23 RR

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2014-2018 GRDC Long Term Yield Chart - Early Roundup Ready, National Data


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