Early-mid season (4)

43Y29 RR

An industry benchmark for performance and profitability in the early Roundup Ready® segment.

This Elite Y Series® hybrid combines excellent yield potential, outstanding consistence and the economic bonus of excellent oil content to deliver the Y Series® genetic advantage.

43Y29 RR demonstrates robust yields under stress induced environments, assisting in risk management in low to medium rainfall environments.

Coupled with an unmatched agronomic package of medium-short plant height, excellent standability and harvestability makes this hybrid a standout in the early maturity Roundup Ready® segment.

  • Sets a new industry benchmark for performance andprofitability in the early Roundup Ready® segment
  • Early (3) maturity, ideally suited to low and medium rainfallenvironments
  • Y Series® hybrid that demonstrates reliable returns throughthe combination of very high yield potential and addedeconomic benefit of very high oil content
  • Delivers excellent early growth resulting in superior cropcompetition and early canopy closure resulting in enhancedweed control
  • Forms a compact canopy and offers dense pod set alongwith uniform rippening, ideal for direct heading
  • Recommended planting partner to Pioneer® 44Y27 RR
43Y29 RR

43Y29 RR


Product type: Roundup Ready®
Herbicide tolerance trait: Tested for tolerance to the registered formulation of Roundup® herbicide for in-crop application in canola.
Maturity: Early-mid season (4)
Phenology Class: Mid-fast
Blackleg rating: R*
GRDC Blackleg Group: B, C


Grain Oil Content


Plant Vigour


Plant Height


Crop Standability


Shatter Tolerance


Grain Test Weight


RATING: 1 = poor 9 = excellent

*2020 GRDC rating with standard Betta Strike® treatment


43Y29 RR

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2014-2018 GRDC Long Term Yield Chart - Early Roundup Ready, National Data


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