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Early-mid season (4)

44Y30RR Canola Hybrid

Hyper-yielding Roundup Ready® canola hybrid with a large area of adaptation

This hybrid canola has demonstrated the highest infield performance we have seen at Pioneer, quickly becoming the go to early-mid glyphosate tolerant hybrid on the market.

Demonstrating true early-mid phenology and maturity making it suited for a wide range of environments and conditions.

Backed up by proven tolerance to Roundup Ready®, 44Y30RR hybrid canola remains the grower’s choice for its ability to withstand in-crop application of registered formulation herbicide, combined with industry-leading performance in the paddock under a broad range of soil types and environmental conditions.

Discuss planting options with your local Pioneer Brand Seeds farm services consultant.  Alternatively, register with us (see below) to stay informed of field days in your region, giving you an opportunity to see for yourself the proven results of 44Y30RR hybrid canola.

There are two videos in the Pioneer resource centre that demonstrate 44Y30RR canola. The presentations were recorded by Pioneer experts in the field at demonstration sites in Cummins (SA) and York (WA).

For a guide on the latest Pioneer hybrid canola range, download our handy information-packed brochure from the Pioneer brand seeds website.

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Product type: Roundup Ready®
Herbicide tolerance trait: Tested for tolerance to the registered formulation of Roundup Ready® herbicide for in-crop application in canola.
Maturity: Early-mid season (4)
Phenology Class: Mid-fast
Blackleg rating: R*
GRDC Blackleg Group: AB


Grain Oil Content


Plant Vigour


Plant Height


Crop Standability


Shatter Tolerance


RATING: 1 = poor 9 = excellent

*2020 GRDC rating with standard Betta Strike® treatment



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