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1. Queensland

Disease Tolerance Critical to P1888 Corn Success in Southern Queensland

Glen & Lisa Boal, Warwick, QLD, 2017/18 season

Having had trouble with disease in corn varieties on their southern Queensland property, Glen and Lisa Boal were on the lookout for a variety with good disease resistance to add to their rotation.

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Super Storm Doesn’t Stop Best Ever Corn Silage Yield for Darling Downs Farmers

Ben Ronnfeldt, Dalby, QLD, 2017/18 season

After standing up to 150-kilometre per hour winds to produce their best ever corn silage crop, it’s fair to say Ben Ronnfeldt was impressed with the performance of Pioneer® hybrid P2307 corn in the 2017/18 summer.

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P1756 comes out on top in extreme Sth Qld summer

David Bailey, Brookstead, Qld, 2016/17 season

The hot and dry 2016/17 summer was one of the most extreme David Bailey has seen in 30 years of farming on his property, ‘Denby’, in Southern Queensland.

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Corn technology allows for effective weed control

Whyalla Beef, Texas, Qld, 2016/17 season

Weed control and a good supply of high quality fibre, are two of the main considerations for Gino De Stefani when selecting a corn variety for his cropping rotation at ‘Whyalla’ in southern Queensland, which has a 50-thousand head feedlot on the property. In particular, Johnson grass and nut grass are issues, which is why Pioneer® brand P1813-IT hybrid corn has been introduced to the cropping program.

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Mid season corn fits Southern Qld farming system perfectly

Steve Little , Brookstead, Qld, 2016/17 season

With a need to start watering his cotton before Christmas, Steve Little will only consider a high yielding mid-season corn variety to fit into his rotation.

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Corn a profitable option for Lockyer enterprise

Nick Dippel, Thornton, Qld, 2016/17 season

The use of corn as the major summer crop has proven a profitable option for Nick Dippel, on their mixed farming enterprise at Thornton, upper Laidley Creek, in the Locker Valley of south-east Queensland.

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Corn allows for early summer crop plant on central downs

Cameron Kuhnemann , Mt Tyson, Qld, 2016/17 season

Conditions can get cold on the Central Downs in southern Queensland, where Cameron Kuhnemann farms, which means he needs to select his summer crop varieties carefully. 

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Corn crop an enjoyable experience for first time grower

Russell Jenner, Kalbar, Qld, 2016/17 season

Having purchased a 16-hectare farm in the Fassifern Valley just a couple of years ago which had produced lucerne for many seasons, Russell Jenner was keen to make a change in the rotation.

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Corn variety line-up meets feed and gritting requirements

Jack Abbott, Fassifern Valley, Qld, 2017/18 season

To do well in south-east Queensland’s Fassifern Valley, corn varieties need to be able to handle serious wind and rain.

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First corn crop a success for bell district farmers

Neil Barron, Bell district, Qld, 2016/17 season

Remarkably, in nearly 70 years of farming in the Bell district of southern Queensland, the Barron family has never grown corn.

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