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Pioneer Corn hybrid naming conventions


Pioneer’s hybrid naming system is designed to help growers instantly recognise the base genetics, comparative relative maturity (CRM) and traits of a corn hybrid.

All Pioneer brand corn hybrid names will begin the letter P, indicating a Pioneer brand hybrid, followed by four numbers. The first two numbers will identify the approximate CRM of the platform. For platforms over 100 CRM, only the last two digits will be used, thus hybrid P1481 would have a CRM of approximately 114.

The second pair of numbers (in P1481, the numbers “81”) is a random number.

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To identify added traits, the naming system will offer letters following the number to indicate exactly which traits are contained in the hybrid. For example, a corn hybrid named P1315-IT features Imidazolinone Tolerance. For waxy corn hybrids, there will be an “E” and for white corn hybrids, “W” will be used.

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