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1. Queensland

Corn variety still delivers in extremely dry Southern Queensland summer

Wayne Ziesemer , Bongeen, QLD, 2018/19 season

After the 2018/19 season presented one of the driest summers he has ever seen on his property ‘Amaroo’ at Bongeen in southern Queensland, Wayne Ziesemer was thankful for the performance of Pioneer® brand P1315-IT corn.

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Disease Tolerance Critical to P1888 Corn Success in Southern Queensland

Glen & Lisa Boal, Warwick, QLD, 2017/18 season

Having had trouble with disease in corn varieties on their southern Queensland property, Glen and Lisa Boal were on the lookout for a variety with good disease resistance to add to their rotation.

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Super Storm Doesn’t Stop Best Ever Corn Silage Yield for Darling Downs Farmers

Ben Ronnfeldt, Dalby, QLD, 2017/18 season

After standing up to 150-kilometre per hour winds to produce their best ever corn silage crop, it’s fair to say Ben Ronnfeldt was impressed with the performance of Pioneer® hybrid P2307 corn in the 2017/18 summer.

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CQ Grower set to push silage yields

AACo, Emerald, Qld , 2016/17 season

From establishment, to in-season growth and a good yield performance, Will Woolcock’s second ever silage corn crop did well over the 2016/17 summer – yet he’s sure he can push the variety even more.

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