corn for silage frequently asked questions

What hybrid should I grow?

Pioneer® Seeds Australia has the most extensive range of proven hybrids in all regions and growing environments across Australia. If you are growing and harvesting silage corn, it’s imperative to determine the best hybrid for your growing environment. Making the right decisions about the corn silage hybrid you plant maximises the investment you make in your crop. 


When is the best time of year to feed-out corn silage?

No two dairy farm systems are the same. You need to identify what you want to achieve. Many Australian farmers use corn silage as forage to: 

  • increase and maintain cow condition
  • extend lactation
  • overcome feed shortages
  • maximise pasture utilisation

To help you feed-out at the right time to achieve your goals, we strongly recommend you undertake a free, no obligation FarmCheck™ where one of our experienced Pioneer® Farm Service Consultants will come out to your farm and undertake an analysis of your operation and then, taking into account your farming goals, recommend the opportunities for your farm.


If I start feeding corn silage does it mean I'm going to have to buy a new tractor and build a feed pad just to be able to feed-out?

It's not vital to spend any extra money on gear. You can keep your system very simple by using your existing tractor and feed-out wagon to feed corn silage in the paddock when ground conditions are dry.

Isn't there a lot of waste feeding corn silage?

There is very little wastage with corn silage fed in bins on a feed pad. Farmers who feed corn silage in the paddock, when ground conditions are dry, also report very little wastage.

I've heard corn silage is a lot of extra work. Is this true?

No — many farmers feeding corn silage have found it takes little extra time to feed. In fact, some farmers with feed pads report a decrease in their workload, as the cows come up the race on their own.

My neighbour uses corn silage but seems to only do the same production as me and I don't use corn! So, why should I bother?

This shows how good a grass farmer you are. Good grass managers have the greatest opportunity to make the most money out of feeding corn silage as forage.

I'm happy with the amount of money I'm making, so why would I need corn silage?

It depends on what your goals are. In the future, you may want to intensify to enable your farm to support two families. Other farmers intensify so they can employ labour and spend more time enjoying off-farm business or leisure activities.

I'm afraid I might make the wrong decisions with corn silage. Is there help available?

Don't worry. There is help available to you. If you are unsure of what to do or how to get started growing and harvesting corn for silage, contact your local Pioneer® Seeds Australia representative