Choosing the right Pioneer® brand products corn hybrids for silage

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STEP 3: Compare Hybrids


CRM 94

P9400 Graph

outstanding quick hybrid

P9400 is a feed and grain silage hybrid with an excellent agronomic profile.

A tall dense plant producing high grain content silage with superior digestibility.

Strong agronomically with a sound disease resistance offering.

Offering outstanding grain yield for maturity, strong early growth and good stress tolerance.


P9400 Map


CRM 99

P9911 Graph

new quick-season dual purpose hybrid


P9911 is a NEW dual-purpose, quick-season hybrid offering unmatched silage performance and yield stability.

Offering growers excellent grain yield for maturity this is an ideal option for grain growers in cooler climates aiming for field dry down.

P9911 has excellent staygreen to maximise silage startch content, this hybrid combines the best of bulk and energy for maximum milk productivity.

A tall impressive plant with outstanding dryland adaptability.

This hybrid should be considered by growers looking for silage yield in all conditions.


P9911 Map


CRM 107

P0725 Graph


Superior dryland adaptability provides resilience when it's dry and yield responsiveness with favourable growing conditions. 

Delivers outstanding yield stability for grain and silage in all early to mid season production regions

A tall plant with upright leaves, sound standability and excellent staygreen



CRM 113

P1315-IT Graph

NEW high yielding mid-season multi-use hybrid

A uniquely Australian bred hybrid developed for the processing market with the addition of Imidazolinone tolerance for better weed control. 

High yielding trials have proven this hybrid to perform exceptionally well.

Suitable for irrigation or dryland farming enterprises.

Excellent resistance to Fusarium Ear Rot.

With a combination of excellent stalk strength, staygreen and dryland adaptability makes this hybrid a perfect fit for either a early or late planting window. 


CRM 114

P1467 Graph

benchmark silage hybrid

Pioneer's highest yielding feed grain hybrid.

A full season hybrid with superior early growth, dependable dryland adaptability and solid agronomics delivering outstanding silage yields.

Offering a strong trait combination of stalk strength, dryland adaptability, staygreen and cob rot resistance.

The first choice for farmers wanting high silage yields.


P1467 Map


CRM 114

33V62 Graph

exciting high yielding white hybrid


Exciting white hybrid developed for the dairy and piggery markets, offers export opportunities, suited for high moisture grain markets and silage.

Highly sought after grain by the stockfeed sector.

Suited for high moisture grain market for the beef industry offering 25-35% moisture grain.

The only commercially avaliable white corn variety in Australia giving growers access to Asian export markets.


Contact Pioneer or Lachlan Commodities for contracting options.

33V62 Map


CRM 117

P1756 Graph

highest yielding gritting hybrid in australia

A unique Australian-bred corn developed for processing markets with superior high quality grain.

P1756 is suitable for dryland or irrigation environments.

Sound dryland adaptability, Northern Leaf Blight resistance and staygreen provide harvest
timing flexibility.

Suited for an early or late plant in most regions.

A great option where dryland adaptability, high quality grain and yield stability are considerations.


P1756 Map


CRM 118

P1813-IT Graph

top end yield from an it hybrid

An immidazolinone-tolerant (IT) hybrid giving growers flexible weed control options.

P1813-IT has excellent yield for maturity and excellent stress tolerance.

Widely adapted to a range of growing conditions, suited to dryland and irrigation environments.

Good disease resistance against Northern Leaf Blight and cob rots.

P1813-IT Map


CRM 118

exciting dual purpose hybrid

NEW Australian-bred gritting corn developed for the domestic and international processing markets.

Widely adapted to suit Australian irrigation or dryland farming environments.

Excellent yield potential with a large high-quality grain.

Sound disease tolerance, Northern Leaf Blight resistance and staygreen provide harvest
timing flexibility.

Good stress tolerance, suited for an early or late plant in most regions.

A great option where yield stability is a consideration.



P1888 Map


CRM 123

P2307 Graph

full season silage and coastal grain specialist

A tall plant with excellent silage yield.

Suited for all planting times and offers exceptional late season plant health.

Sound dryland adaptability, high tolerance to Northern Leaf Blight and excellent staygreen provide harvest
timing flexibility.

Hard textured, flinty grain.

Ideal for coastal and northern regions. A great option for high-yielding silage production areas.


P2307 Map

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hybrid comparisons are only valid within a range of + or - 4 CRM. These descriptions mainly feature product strengths. When choosing hybrids, also review carefully the trait ratings found in the table here. Contact your local Pioneer Area Manager or merchant representative for further advice.