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Corn Silage Workshop - Southern NSW/Northern VIC

Pioneer® Seeds invites you to a 'A Focus on Quality Silage' Workshop at Finley NSW. The workshop will focus on quality, profitability with corn through using corn silage in feed rations with Pioneer® Silage Specialist Jason Scott.

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Date: Thursday 2 March 2023 
Time: 11am - 2pm, lunch provided at Finley Country Club

The workshop starts at Flanagan Farms STRIKE (Seed Technology Research In Key Environments) site where the following topics will be covered:

- Corn nutrition for target yields
     - Getting the most out of your land and water

- Brown Mid Rib (BMR) corn hybrids

- Current offering corn silage offering
     - Long season maturity for early plant (October to early November plant)
     - Mid season maturity for mid-season plant (mid to late November)
     - Short season maturity for late season plant (early to late December)

- New experimental hybrids in the pipeline

We will then make our way into Finley to the Country Club for lunch and discussion on:

- Silage harvest set up, and considerations:
     - Chop timing
     - Benefits of getting the timing right
     - Chop length
     - Inoculant
     - Stack hygiene - keeping dust down
     - Stack compaction
     - Stack coverage - plastics and oxygne barriers

- The impact on performance of high quality corn versus poorer quality corn

- Corn versus other sources of starch - wheat & barley

- Profitability of using different corn hybrids and NDF

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We look forward to seeing you there!
Tim Lovell, Territory Sales Manager - 0427 342 188

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