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First crop of Optimum GLY hybrid canola harvested in Australia shows promising results in tough conditions.

In 2023, Yandal Farms at West Casuarinas WA were the first in Australia to harvest the new PY422G Optimum GLY Y Series glyphosate tolerance trait hybrid canola.

Australia's first harvest of PY422G Optimum GLY Y Series glyphosate tolerance trait hybrid canola achieved a yield of 1.7 tonnes per hectare (t/ha) despite being faced with very little rainfall in sandy Western Australia in the 2023 season. 

Approximately 50 PY422G crops were grown in side-by-side demonstrations in Western Australia, with a small number of growers across Australia trialling the hybrid to evaluate how the crop would fare in familiar conditions and test its key features of superior weed control, later application versatility and improved crop safety in their own environment.

WA based Territory Sales Manager, Chris Dzoma, is excited by the opportunities that Optimum GLY glyphosate tolerance hybrid canola can present to growers in the region.

"The Northern Wheatbelt region of WA is a medium to low rainfall area with very specific agronomic requirements, so the growers there are looking for adaptable hybrids with an early-mid maturity.

"Optimum GLY hybrid canola delivers versatility for growers with its later application window, allowing growers to wait until the optimal time to spray, taking rainfall and flowering timing into consideration," he said.

The first crop of PY422G was harvested at West Casuarinas, 50km east of Geraldton WA. The PY422G hybrid canola seeds were planted at Yandal Farms on 1 May 2023 into sandy loam with a relatively low moisture profile, having received just 25 millimetres (mm) of rain in mid-to-late March. After receiving 8mm of rain on 7 May, the crop emerged three days later, followed by a further 100mm of total rainfall throughout the growing season.


Chris Dzoma First Harvest.00_00_09_17.Still004.jpg

Above: Yandal Farms manager Kaelin Plowright harvested the PY422G Optimum GLY glyphosate tolerance trait hybrid canola with a John Deere S780 header.

Farm manager Kaelin Plowright was impressed with the vigour and standability of the canola despite the tough conditions.

"During the growing season, you could see that it stood out compared to the canola hybrids we grew next to it and planted at the same time.

"It had more of a solid structure to it than the other hybrid," he said.

Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN), MAPSZC and potash (MOP) fertilisers were applied at seeding, followed by two further applications later in the planting season, one of urea, sulphate of ammonia (SOA) and MOP, and a second application of UAN. Two applications of a glyphosate-based herbicide were used at the four leaf and eight leaf stages.

Yandal Farms Fertiliser Application.jpg

Kaelin was impressed with the results of the crop at harvest after the Optimum GLY hybrid canola yielded 1.7t/ha.

"I was quite surprised with the outcome, it yielded about the same as the other hybrids, but in terms of weeds, there's a lot less in that paddock so that’s a really good thing," he said.

Due to the satisfactory results achieved in the 2023 season, the WA growers are planning on growing the Optimum GLY hybrid canola again in 2024.

All growers planting canola with the Optimum GLY glyphosate herbicide tolerance trait technology must have a signed Technology Use Agreement (TUA) in place. The TUA provides farmers and agronomists with stewardship and regulatory requirements associated with Optimum GLY canola. Once signed, the Agreement is everlasting, and doesn't need to be signed each season. Growers can access the Corteva Agriscience licensing portal here.


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