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Getting on top of the Rye

The Bland Shire about 500 km west of Sydney by road is recognised as much for its productive agriculture as its long history of gold mining.

Pioneer Farm Services Consultant Chris Wolski inspecting new Optimum GLY PY422G in a side-by-side trial with a hybrid canola from another company near Grenfell, NSW. Pioneer Farm Services Consultant Chris Wolski inspecting new Optimum GLY PY422G in a side-by-side trial with a hybrid canola from another company near Grenfell, NSW.

The shire is home territory for Pioneer Farm Services Consultant Chris Wolski, who’s been keeping a close eye on a side-by-side trial of Pioneer Optimum GLY® herbicide tolerance trait canola while the grower takes a well-deserved break.

Chris says the Optimum GLY PY422G went in late April near Grenfell NSW, about a week later than originally planned.

“We had a wet March, which meant stubble burning was difficult, as was spraying, which pushed back sowing. 

“Conditions were still pretty good, sowing into moisture, however, May turned a little dry, but good rain in June somewhat made up for this.”

There were a few challenges though. 

“The grower had to do a partial re-sow in one paddock due to a blocked section on the airseeder, which delayed planting initially,” Chris says,

“Despite the early set back, the grower was able to utilise the extended application window to push back their first application of Optimum GLY to accommodate the later emerging plants from the re-sow.”

“PY422G has shown exceptional early vigour and has achieved ground cover in excellent time.”

PY422G.pngThe grower is looking to glyphosate-tolerant canola to tackle rye grass but is careful not to overuse glyphosate. To help prevent herbicide resistance, he undertook a comprehensive pre- and post-emergent regime.  

First pre-plant knock down was with glyphosate and Terrad’or to take out volunteer wheat and wild radish, followed by a second knock of Gramoxone and Treflan immediately before sowing.  

Post-sowing but pre-emergence an application of Group 15 herbicide Dual Gold took out broadleaf weeds that had begun to emerge.

At about eight weeks, eight-leaf stage, the benefits of the Optimum GLY trait were realised with a later-than-usual over the top application of Crucial + Cletho + Lontrel + Spray oil to target annual ryegrass, capeweed plus various other grass and late emerging broadleaf weeds in crop. 

Chris says the later application window of Y Series Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance hybrids really shows its usefulness when enhanced weed control is required, while maintaining crop safety.

Optimum GLY® herbicide tolerance trait canola is a new glyphosate-tolerant technology developed by Corteva Agrisciences and marketed in Australia by Pioneer Seeds.

A later window of application past first flowering gives canola growers more flexibility to time their herbicide application to maximise weed removal options. This allows more time to cover large hectares or clean up late flushes of weeds without the risk of yield impact on late-season applications.

As well as undertaking the extensive side-by-side trialling program this year, Pioneer Seeds has entered several Optimum GLY canola hybrids into GRDC NVT (National Variety Trials) this season, and these are expected to be commercially available next year.

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