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Great expectations for new canola hybrid technology

Eager Australian growers have begun side-by-side trials of new Optimum GLY® herbicide tolerance trait canola seed in broadacre paddocks across Australia, pitting the new third-generation technology against first and second generation technology hybrids.

og-article-img-1.jpgOptimum GLY® herbicide tolerance trait gives growers greater versatility regarding herbicide applications without impacting the yield potential of the canola crop.

Optimum GLY’s broader window of application, allows growers more versatility in deciding when to apply herbicide. This allows more time to cover large paddocks or clean-up late flushes of weeds.

Fifth generation West Australian farmer Simon [Henry] Penny said he planned to grow even more than 600 ha of canola on his Greenhills property in future.

One of about 120 farmers taking part in side-by-side trials nationally, Mr Penny said he was impressed with Optimum GLY’s tremendous potential.

“The spray window is awesome because there’s no time pressure,” he said.

“For growers who are trying to do it all themselves, I reckon that’s a game changer.”

Farm Services Consultant for Pioneer Seeds Rob Bagley said Optimum GLY is being keenly anticipated by canola growers.

“Growers will welcome the improved crop safety, superior weed control and greater herbicide application versatility that comes with every bag of Optimum GLY,” he said.

“When the canola’s coming up in patchy stages due to false breaks, the Optimum GLY trait is easy to manage with the application timing from cotyledon (primary leaf) to 10% flowering.

“This buys the grower more options in terms of paddock management. It means the grower doesn’t need to worry about damaging the canola during those early stages, when you really need to get on top of any potential weed problem.”

Two Pioneer Seeds Y Series canola hybrids with Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance are scheduled for commercial release in 2024, and the company said more will follow from their experimental pipeline.

Trials are currently under way in all canola growing regions across Australia to identify new hybrids that are broadly adaptable.

Optimum GLY growers in 2024 must enter a technology user agreement (TUA) with trait technology owner Corteva AgriScience, which covers stewardship and usage guidelines.

Accreditation is completed online and remains everlasting, meaning that growers don’t need to fill in additional paperwork each season.

Grown increasingly for lucrative markets in food-grade oil, biofuel production and stock feed, Canola is Australia’s third largest crop, with production forecast to reach a record 7.3 million tonnes in 2022–2023, according to the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC).


Above: Greenhills canola grower Simon Penny (kneeling, left) at his 30ha trial site with the WA Pioneer team. Mr Penny expects the new herbicide tolerance hybrid canola technology will provide greater versatility with weed control.

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