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Murray region canola grower achieves effective weed control through advanced glyphosate tolerance

As one of the growers from throughout Australia's key canola growing regions that participated in side-by-side Optimum GLY® hybrid canola trials in 2023, Savernake NSW grower Jack Hill saw an opportunity to advance the weed control in a problem paddock with the broad application versatility of PY422G.

Savernake, in the Murray region of New South Wales, grower Jack Hill achieved superior weed control by adding Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance canola to his planting program in the 2023 season.

Faced with a complex mixture of weed problems in a particular paddock, Jack was keen to find a solution to maximise his weed control.

"The paddock was filthy before it was sown due to a lack of good summer weed control.

"[It] had a pretty bad history of wild oats, brome grass and ryegrass problems," he said.

Pioneer Seeds Territory Sales Manager, Tim Lovell, confidently recommended PY422G Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance canola hybrid for Jack to better control weeds in challenging conditions and maximise yield.

"Jack needed a hybrid that was robust in the presence of glyphosate. Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance technology offers greater versatility for herbicide application, up to 10 percent flowering if necessary."

It was a great opportunity to use the technology to see if it would have the impact they wanted on that brome grass," he said.

Jack planted a trial area of eight hectares of PY422G on 1 May 2023 in relatively wet conditions alongside 230 hectares of a Roundup Ready hybrid. He applied 150kg of SLA fertiliser prior to sowing, 80kg of MAP at sowing, 100kg of Urea as the first application after sowing and a second application of 150kg of Urea about a month later, on a 250mm row configuration.

Jack followed a spray schedule that included a robust pre-emergent package of Nufarm CRUCIAL, Treflan, Avadex, Dual Gold and Dimethoate. Nufarm CRUCIAL and Lontrel were applied post-emergence, one month after sowing and again, with Status 360, two weeks later. This program achieved excellent weed control of the messier paddock with the Optimum GLY hybrid. The earlier generation hybrid was managed with a more familiar spray regime.

"I was able to go back a bit later and spray the [Optimum GLY hybrid], it had a bit more of a window. I was able to achieve effective weed control with that," he said.

PY422G Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance canola hybrid better control weeds in challenging conditions and maximise yield.jpg

Above: PY422G Optimum GLY glyphosate tolerance trait hybrid canola on 14 July 2023, approximately 6 weeks after sowing.

Jack harvested the crop on 30 November 2023 and achieved a similar product and yield across both hybrids used.

"Yield, oil and look wise they were more or less the same, there was just a good advantage of getting that extra application of [herbicide] on it at big rates," he said.

While Jack yielded similarly with the two hybrid crops in partnership, the Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance hybrid created growth conditions that evened the playing field and ensured better soil health for future seasons.

"The option of a third pass of glyphosate is going to make it easier for weed control as the weed pressures are not as pressing in the trial plot compared to around the site.

"[the Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance hybrid] also allowed better growing conditions as the crop didn't have to compete with other in-crop weeds," he said.

Jack was pleased with the Optimum GLY herbicide tolerance system and its potential to deliver better weed control in problematic areas and intends to grow more of the glyphosate tolerance trait canola next year.

"I've got it booked in to grow again next year. I've got 100 hectares of it going in to one paddock where I have similar problems to last year.

"If someone had weed issues, I'd definitely recommend it, it fills a bit of a gap there. The [accreditation process] for it was fine, only took half an hour or so," he said.

Growers wishing to grow Pioneer Y Series® Optimum GLY hybrid canola in 2024 can access the Corteva Agriscience licensing portal here.

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