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CRM 109

P0937 Corn Hybrid

Mid Season | Dual Purpose

P0937: a modern corn hybrid, exhibiting exceptional early growth, low ear placement, erect leaves, notable standability and sound husk cover

P0937 corn combines superior dryland, northern leaf blight and rust trait ratings that contribute to season long plant health. It is a widely adapted corn hybrid that delivers a step-change increase in grain yield performance in this maturity.

Our crop scientists use world-leading plant genomics to trial and test all hybrids in Australia before they're released and categorised.

Pioneer Brand Seeds is confident this corn has the features that will appeal to Australian growers, ranging from its high-yield potential to excellent defensive traits for a mid-season corn hybrid.

If you're looking to produce silage from P0937, be sure to use a Pioneer inoculant that suits your needs and preserves the nutrient value.

The ensiling process can cause dry matter and nutrient losses depending on the type and number of acid-producing bacteria in your pasture or crop.

Pioneer® brand ​product ​inoculants give you the right bacteria in ideal numbers for a fast, efficient fermentation. They lock-in nutrients and dry matter so your livestock can produce more milk or meat from every tonne of pasture or crop you ensile.

Discuss your unique planting or silage requirements with one of our Pioneer Brand Seeds farm services consultants. They have the knowledge and tools you need to minimise risk and maximise yield.

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  • Modern plant type with erect leaves, notable foliar health, standability and exceptional staygreen
  • Stable yet high yielding corn hybrid corn for silage and grain
  • Superior northern leaf blight and rust resistances
  • Strong early growth and good stress tolerance


Grain Yield For Maturity


Husk Cover


Plant Height


Cob Rot Resistance


Dryland Adaptability


Northern Leaf Blight


Silage Yield For Maturity




Whole Plant Digestibility


RATING: 1 = poor 9 = excellent



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