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CRM 114

P1481 Corn Hybrid

Mid Season | Grain / Silage

Pioneer® hybrid P1481 is a new dual-purpose corn hybrid suited to feed or silage production, bred in Australia for tough conditions

P1481 is a hybrid packed with advanced genetics and traits that has been developed for its exceptional grain yield in all Australian environments.

Silage growers will enjoy the additional advantages brought from the excellent plant structure and staygreen.

P1481 exhibits outstanding drought tolerance and well-round disease package, making this corn the number one feed/silage hybrid in Australia.

Use P1481 for feed grain or high-quality silage

If you want to produce silage from P1481 corn, use one of the Pioneer inoculants designed to retain as much of the nutrient as possible.

The amount of dry matter and nutrients you lose in the ensiling process depends on the type and number of acid-producing bacteria in your pasture or crop.

Pioneer® brand ​product ​inoculants provide you the right bacteria in ideal numbers for a fast, efficient fermentation. They help lock-in nutrients and dry matter so your livestock can produce more milk or meat from every tonne of pasture or crop you ensile.

Why not discuss your cropping options with your local Pioneer Brand Seeds farm services consultant?  Alternatively, register with us (below) to stay informed of field days in your region, affording you an opportunity to see for yourself the outstanding results of this mid-season hybrid corn.




  • Pioneer’s new leading mid-season corn for feed-grain and silage yield performance
  • New genetics bring a robust hybrid corn trait combination of stalk strength, drought tolerance, NLB and cob rot resistance
  • Exceptional silage yields while maintaining high quality
  • Excellent staygreen
  • Corn hybrid adaptable across all growing regions, dryland and irrigation


Grain Yield For Maturity


Husk Cover


Plant Height


Cob Rot Resistance


Dryland Adaptability


Northern Leaf Blight


Silage Yield For Maturity




Whole Plant Digestibility


RATING: 1 = poor 9 = excellent



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