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11G22 inoculant

Pioneer® brand 11G22 is a lucerne/grass/cereal silage inoculant with next-generation L. buchneri designed for use in grass and whole plant cereals ensiled at the proper maturity in upright, bunker or bag silos and at a dry matter between 30% and 42%.

Available as a water-soluble product in packaging suitable for use in tank mixes or with the Pioneer® Appli-Pro® systems for easy and convenient application.

Backed by extensive research, 11G22 inoculant contains a unique blend of patented and/or proprietary strains of Lactobacillus buchneri and Lactobacillus plantarum formulated to:

  • improve silage quality, providing low terminal pH and desirable VFA profile for decreased fermentation loss and enhanced aerobic stability
  • improve animal performance, and 
  • includes Rapid React® aerobic stability technology.

This provides improved bunklife and stable feed in seven days.*

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* Improved aerobic stability and reduced heating is relative to untreated silage. Actual results may vary. The effect of any silage inoculant is dependent upon management at harvest, storage and feedout. Factors such as moisture, maturity, chop length and compaction will determine inoculant efficacy.

For more detailed information, see the accompanying technical fact sheet.

11G22 inoculant


11G22 inoculant

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