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Early-season herbicide injury in corn

Technical Insights & Agronomy Info

Corn response to herbicides in adverse environments

  • Fluctuating spring weather patterns can stress corn during emergence.
  • Pre-emergence applied herbicides are typically activated well by rainfalls occurring during the spring.
  • Cool temperatures, heavy precipitation and activated herbicides have the potential to cause injury to corn in some areas.
  • Carry-over injury to corn can also occur when dry weather follows applications of some residual herbicides from the previous crop.
  • Varying levels of pre-emergence injury as well as carry-over injury are observed each season throughout corn growing regions in Australia.
  • In many cases, the crop response is limited to areas of heavier ponding or rainfall, where the environment shortly after planting played a major role inducing injury.
  • Different modes of action affect corn in various ways.

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