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Establishing your sorghum crop successfully

Successful sorghum emergence is a combination of three key factors – genetics, seed quality and environment.


Seed genetics

Hybrid genetics provide the basis for sorghum tolerance to cold stress. High seed quality helps ensure that the seed will perform up to its genetic ability. Pioneer Seeds concentrate on selecting the best genetics for consistent performance across a wide range of environments including stressful conditions by utilising cold tolerance trial data.

Seed quality

Pioneer Seeds sorghum seed quality program starts in the production field and is present through every process at the Narromine plant. Our world class seed production procedures ensure that Pioneer Seeds has the highest quality sorghum seed with minimum germination rates of 85%. Please bear in mind that seed is a living product and must be treated as such.

Environmental factors

Even with the best genetics and highest seed quality, environmental factors can still dictate seedling establishment.

Tips for successful sorghum establishment:

  • Soil temperate should be measured over at least three days at seeding depth
  • Aim to plant into soil that is a least 16°C and rising at 8am
  • Regularly monitor the weather forecast to ensure there is a trend towards warming conditions
  • When planting early it is critical to have very good soil moisture for establishment
  • Be aware in an environment with high residual stubble load, soil temperatures will take longer increase compared to bare ground due to reduced exposure to solar radiation, air temperature/humidity and wind
  • In an irrigated situation, monitor soil temperatures before and after irrigating
  • In very dry fields a pre-irrigation may be the best option

Early Sowing Opportunities and Risks

To assist growers take advantage of early sowing opportunities, recent research articles have been published by GRDC in partnership with The University of Queensland (QAAFI), Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and NSW DPI.

Pioneer Seeds is the leading developer and supplier of hybrid sorghum seeds in Australia. If you have any questions about planting sorghum seed, contact your local Pioneer Seeds Territory Sales Manager or Farm Services Consultant.


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