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Pioneer​® is committed to delivering high-yielding forage sorghum hybrids developed with leading genetics. Our ​Australian sorghum​ ​hybrids have gone through rigorous testing ​in local conditions​, with trials showing outstanding yield, profitability and solid disease resistance. 

Whatever the ​forage​ sorghum varieties​ ​you require, we have a summer forage or forage sorghum hybrid to suit a range of cropping environments that delivers proven results.

Summer forage grows well in both high and low potential areas, even areas with poor soil quality. Most summer forage varieties produce much more forage than corn but unlike corn, the lower leaves remain green and retain a higher crude protein content. As a fodder crop, summer forage can be used in adequate supply when maize and other feed sources fail.

Additionally, summer forage can regenerate (grow again) after cutting the stalks for fodder. The ratoon crop matures early the following season but with slightly less yield than the first crop, depending on the level of plant feeds available

What are the agronomic benefits of summer forage crops?

  • It can withstand dry conditions and remain green at very low moisture levels
  • As animal feed, it boasts the same energy level as maize and other cereals

Benefits of summer forage crops

Farmers can reduce the cost of re​planting ​forage sorghum​ ​by:

  • Minimising​ land preparation time
  • Planting large areas with fewer seeds

Pioneer® brand Summer Forage Hybrids

SSS - Super Sweet Sudan

A unique Australian product, bred for Australian conditions.

Super Sweet Sudan (SSS) hybrid is quick to graze and sustains multiple and intensive grazings. SSS produces high quality hay and round bale silage suitable for sheep and cattle. Adaptable to an early or late planting.

Betta Graze

First to plant, first to feed

Excellent recovery from grazing or cutting, the fast growing nature of Betta Graze and its cold tolerance, mean it is the first forage sorghum you can plant and the first you can feed to any type of livestock. Betta Graze is highly palatable and is highly suited to general grazing, hay production and round bale silage.

• Sorghum x Sudan grass
• Cold tolerant means fast early growth
• Responds well to heavy grazing or cutting with quick growth and an abundance of tillers
• High sugar content
• Fine stems and disease-free leaves


The best choice for pit silage production

Graze-N-Sile is a tall, grain-bearing forage sorghum hybrid. These unique attributes mean Graze-N-Sile produces high quantities of silage with high energy content. Graze-N-Sile is the ideal substitute for maize silage in dryland areas or in limited irrigation situations.
• Sorghum x sorghum hybrid
• Ideal for pit silage
• More water efficient than corn
• Grain yields similar to grain sorghum hybrids (do not direct harvest like grain sorghum)
• White grain type

Mega Sweet

The Flexible Forage Sorghum

Mega Sweet is attractive to stock at any stage of growth and increases its feed value and sweetness as it matures. Mega Sweet can be planted early in the season, mid season or late season for late Summer and carry-over feed. Mega Sweet can be used for grazing or quality silage production but should be your first choice for grazing cattle. It is especially suited to beef enterprises and can give exceptional weight gains.
• Sweet sorghum x grain sorghum hybrid
• Grain-bearing
• High sugar content
• Feed value increases with maturity
• Highly flexible: Can be planted early, mid-season or late season

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What Our Farmers Say About Our Summer Forage Hybrids

"People that buy it off me say the same thing, it's the best forage hay they've ever had, it's really good - it's the number one hay we’ve ever grown, so I'll keep going with it."

Kelvin Howkings

Gogango, QLD

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"On the whole SSS worked very well in our rotation and also showed good water efficiency, when we did water it, it grew very well - I will plant SSS again, it works very well in our situation."

Peter Musson

Macarthur, VIC

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