the flexible summer forage

Pioneer® brand Mega Sweet is attractive to stock at any stage of growth and increases its feed value and sweetness as it matures. Mega Sweet can be planted early in the season, mid-season or late-season for late summer and carry-over feed.

Mega Sweet can be used for grazing or quality silage production but should be your first choice for grazing cattle.

This hybrid is especially well-suited to beef enterprises and can deliver exceptional weight gains.

This is a sweet sorghum x grain sorghum hybrid.



  • Grain bearing hybrid
  • High sugar content
  • Feed value increases with maturity
  • Highly flexible - can be planted early, mid-season or late season.
  • Excellent option for cattle enterprises



Marginal dryland: 2-4 kg/ha

Favourable dryland: 5-6 kg/ha

Irrigation: 8-12 kg/ha


Mega Sweet managment comments


  • The most flexible Pioneer® brand Summer Forage option  
  • Maintains maximum quality
  • Attractive to stock at any growth stage as well as going into winter
  • Good quality grazing at any stage - especially late
  • Feed value increases with maturity
  • Will set grain
  • 10 to 100cm rows will suit crop and grain development